Prevention Services Clearinghouse Resources

Handbook of Standards and Procedures

The Prevention Services Clearinghouse uses a systematic review process that is implemented by trained reviewers using consistent, transparent standards and procedures. To learn more about these standards and procedures, please download the Clearinghouse’s Handbook of Standards and Procedures or visit our Review Process page.

Webinar about the Handbook of Standards and Procedures

Click here to watch a webinar about the Handbook of Standards and Procedures. This webinar describes the Clearinghouse’s (1) procedures for identifying programs and services and associated research studies for review or re-review; (2) standards for assessing the design, execution, and findings of research studies and for rating programs and services; and (3) definitions of key terms.

Reporting Guide for Study Authors

The Reporting Guide for Study Authors details the information in studies that the Prevention Services Clearinghouse uses to determine eligibility for review, assign design and execution ratings, and determine program or service ratings, as well as other recommended practices for research reporting. This guide aims to facilitate the Prevention Services Clearinghouse review process and is also intended to help study authors describe their studies completely and consistently.

Additional Resources

Children's Bureau Program Instruction

The Children's Bureau Program Instruction ACYF-CB-PI-18-09 provides instructions on the requirements State Title IV-E agencies must meet when electing their Title IV-E prevention program.

Attachment C included the list of programs and services initially selected for review by the Prevention Services Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse will continue to select additional programs and services for review on a rolling basis. Join our email list to be notified of updates!

Federal Register Notice

On June 22, 2018, HHS published a Federal Register Notice (83 FR 29122) requesting public comment on initial criteria and potential programs and services to be considered for systematic review by the Prevention Services Clearinghouse.

For more information about how the Prevention Services Clearinghouse will identify and select new programs and services for review, please visit our Review Process page.

Other Clearinghouses and Evidence Reviews

Programs and services reviewed by the Prevention Services Clearinghouse may also be reviewed by other clearinghouses. The Prevention Services Clearinghouse has unique standards and procedures developed in accordance with the statutory requirements detailed in the Family First Prevention Services Act. For more information about the standards and procedures used by other clearinghouses, please visit their websites:

Information about the Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse can also be found here.